About Us

There is a better way to do things … find it. – Thomas Edison

Let's face it, life and business isn't the same as it used to be. We have been run over by technology, information, and access. We can choose to embrace it or close our minds to it, but no matter what we choose, it's here to stay.

Gone are the days of classified ads, print campaigns and newspapers. Gone are the days of families gathered around the TV. Gone is the simplicity of that era. But the here and now? It is pretty darn AMAZING!

Most of us remember the days of rotary telephones, huge box televisions and foil on our antennas We can't help but chuckle at the reaction when the younger folks freak out when the wi-fi bogs down. But we all agree that modern day email beats the post office line any day.

We have learned a lot from our past and as crazy as this new era seems, it's great to know we are a part of the greatest technological explosions in history!

However, with all of our advances, we still seem to be holding on to a dinosaur when it comes to initially connecting with someone new. The goal is to reach out effectively, the desire is to motivate your contact to call, interact, take action. But the system is terribly prehistoric.

Enter in the traditional business card. Really? That is the best this technology frenzy has produced? A paper business card? One that is thrown away in the first week, one that is hardly ever converted to digital and never gets looked at a second time. Well, not anymore.

The most important part of creating new business or reaching out to someone new, is the age old question of 'how?' Up until now we have jotted down our number, sent a v-card, stored endless post it notes (that we never can find) or handed someone a paper business card. The business card has been doing its job since the 1700's. But the 21st century is taking no prisoners and its time for the dino paper card to move over. We are changing the way people do business!