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The ND2NO SmartCard is more than just an electronic business card, it is a custom designed HD, interactive, digital smart marketing tool, that is editable by the user anytime and comes with a mobile app for easy storage and sharing. When a card holder shares their card, the recipient can visit the card holder's website, watch videos, shop, donate money, connect via social media, email, etc., directly off of the ND2NO Smart Card. It can be shared via text, email, social media, and mobile app and stored directly on the recipient’s smart phone! Regardless of your business, the ND2NO SmartCard is the SMART WAY TO DO BUSINESS!!

Join our Team as an Account Executive

The bottom line, the ND2NO SmartCard sells itself, but we are always looking for people who see our technology, understand our vision and just plain get it. We are looking for people who are passionate, motivated and aren’t afraid of change (because in the ND2NO technology world, things are always getting better!). We provide extensive sales training, sales tools and positive support. Apply today!

Affiliate Business

As a business owner, you, more than anyone understand a good thing when you see it! At ND2NO we believe in giving back. When you share your card, the normal reaction is “WOW! I want one of these cards for my business!!”. Whether you’re a for profit business or a nonprofit business, as a business affiliate we will fashion your card with a ‘Get A Card’ icon on the data bar with your own special embed code. Anytime, anyone purchases a card through your ND2NO SmartCard you get a referral fee from ND2NO!