ND2NO Connecting the Smart Way!

If you’re still handing out paper business cards, you may as well be chiseling your contact information on a stone tablet. Paper business cards are fast becoming a thing of the past. With the ND2NO Smart Card you can throw away your paper business cards and connect directly by texting your Smart Business Card to your potential new client’s smartphones! They are interactive, editable and give access to your website, social media, shopping, donating, video, email and so much more, right at the tips of their fingers, directly from your Smart Business Card!!


Stay connected with your friends and family, clubs and little league, girl’s night out and singles mingle events through your personal interactive ND2NO Smart Card.

First impressions mean everything. When you text your ND2NO Smart Card, your prospects will have ALL of your information at their fingertips and it's interactive.

Your Non Profit Card


The ND2NO Smart Card is a fundraising platform that finally works! Receive donations right off your card. Sell tickets right off your card. Have a call to action right off your card.

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We enjoy giving back through our referral program for Business Affiliates, Smart Card white label resellers and Account Executive Sales Team.